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The White Crowe is a fine art studio based in the High Country of North Carolina that specializes in relief printmaking. Each original print is made by artist Lauren Crowe from a hand-carved block and printed in limited edition using high-quality, archival ink and paper for long lasting enjoyment. The White Crowe colored prints are made utilizing a reduction carving method where the artist continually carves the same block between each layer of color to develop the image. Some prints have as many as seven layers of ink.

Crowe received a graphic design BFA in 2016 from Appalachian State University where she was first introduced to relief printmaking. Crowe’s background in graphic design complements her work in printmaking with crisp lines and high contrast. 

Much of her work is inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and many of her pieces reflect various memories throughout her adventures with her family in Western North Carolina where they call home.